January 16, 2008


1.What time is it now and what are you supposed to do ?

* 5.22 pm..going home..but waiting for my ayah..

2.What was the last thing that made you sad ?

* secret..hehe..:p

3.What made you happy today ?

* chat with my frens..

4.When was the last time you broke someone's heart ?

* 4 years ago..but not me..dia yang broke my heart..heheh..

5. Is there anything to look forward to today ?

* my lalink..

6. Did you ever regret breaking up with someone ?

* no!!

7. Do you think dreams can come true ?

* yesh!!

8. Who did you dream of last night ?

* kalo tdo mati..leh mimpi tak eh??herm..

9. Who was the last person who said "i love you" to you ?

* my bf..

10. Who was the last person who said "i hate you" to you ?

* i don't know..:p

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