November 28, 2008

tagged by kak nad again...

Start time : 09.00 am

Name : Nurul Hayati Ab. Ghafar

Sisters : Norhafizah

Brothers : Mohd Mustafa & Hafiz

Shoe size : 6

Height : Not sure..hehehe..

Where do u live : Putrajaya

Have u ever been on plane : Nope

Swam in the ocean : No.. x reti brenang..

Fallen asleep at school : No

Broken someone's heart : Nope..

Fell off ur chair : Yes..

Sat by the phone all night waiting 4 sum1 to call : No.. Tdo lg best..hihihi..

Saved e-mails : Slalu sgtttt...

What is ur room like : Erm... mcm pe eh... xtau lar nk describe.. :)

What's right beside u : Enpon

What is the last thing u ate : Roti john..yummy...

Chicken pox : Not sure...

Sore throat : Yeah..right now..

Stitches : Yup.. kt lutut...

Broken nose : Never..

Do u believe in love at 1st sight : Yes..

Picnics : Yeah.. its a wonderful time...

Who was / were.....

The last person u danced wif : X penah..

Last made u smile : Msg from him...

You last yelled at : Can't remember...

Today did u....

Smile to someone u like : Dia nmpak x kalo me smile masa baca sms dia?? hehhe..

Kissed anyone : No..

Get sick : Yup.. Selsema n batuk..

Talk to an ex : No..

Miss someone : Of coz lar...

Who do u really hate : Did i???

Do u like ur hand-writing : No.... BUWOOOOKKKKK...

Are ur toe nails painted : Nope...

Whose bed other than urs would u rather sleep in : Parents

What color shirt are u wearing now : Baju kurung kaler pink..

Are u a friendly person : Depends...

Do u have any pets : No...

Do u sleep with the TV on : No... Membazir lar.. Da tau nk tdo, ttp le tv.. :)

What r u doing right now : Wat tag nie smbil sms..

Can u handle the truth : Not sure...

R u closer to ur mother or father : Both...

Do u eat healthy : Hahahahaa... Makan slagi nk mkn... Healthy ke mcm nie??

Do u still have pictures of u & ur ex : NO..

If you're having a bad day, who are u most likely to go to : Tdo jer...

R u loud or quiet most of the time : Quiet..

R u confident : Sometimes.. hehehe..

5 things I was doing 10 yrs ago :
~ men getah time petang2 wif my fren
~ men netball kat skewl..
~ tgu member smpai da ckup geng..then kteorang blik skewl sama2.. jalan kaki.. :)
~ erm.. exam UPSR...
~ my best teacher & his wife pindah skewl.. still keep in touch smpai skang... miss them.. :)

5 things I would do if i were a billionaire :
~ bwk fmly g Mekah
~ shopping
~ g bercuti
~ tambah lagik harta
~ wat amal kebajikan...

5 of my bad habits :
~ tdo.. tdo.. tdo...
~ kopek bibir... hehehe..
~ picit jerawat..

5 places I've lived/living :
~ kg. pertanian
~ taman rinting
~ putrajaya
~ melaka
~ klang

Finish Time : 09.45 am

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